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    Founded on August 31, 1998. Datong Tongxing Antibiotic Co., Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise and a specialized manufacturer of antibiotic APIs. It is located in the west of Datong, a city with rich historical & cultural background. With the National Highway 109 to the north, our company enjoys convenient transport. The region also enjoys comfortable,cool and dry climate,rich coal and power resources and low labor prices, all these have made this region an ideal place for the production of antibiotics .

    Our company has a fixed asset of RMB 140 million, the annual output of oxytetracycline is 4000 tons with an annual production value of RMB 250 million..We are strong enforcer of GMP regulations in our manufacturing practices. We have advanced manufacturing facilities and quality control devices, plus a good technical staff, to ensure production of quality products. Now, we are a leading company in this industry for good management and comprehensive economic indexes rank the top position of China. We have good reputation among our customers as a provider of quality products and services .Our company leaders attach great importance to the enterprise's honors, and we have been approved as "meritorious enterprise" of non-public ownership economy by local governments for several times. In 2008, we evaluated by Shanxi environmental protection bureau as "blue" unit for environmental behavior affecting level; in 2009, we was awarded as "key protection enterprise" by the disciplinary committee of Datong city; in 2011 we were rated by Shanxi environmental protection bureau as "good company for the pilot work of enterprise environmental supervisor system". Now, we have created a harmonious environment for the development of enterprises.

    Our general manger, ZHANG Fengxin, together with all the employees, sincerely hopes to cooperate with our customers and friends from all walks of life for mutual benefit , prosperity and a better tomorrow!


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